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November 1, 2015
Read the whole thread there clearly was various other info uploaded more down by other members while the information is excellent.

As required just how to see Sand fleas, this is the most useful so far i could get them to turn out, they cannot like to be photographed.
Liquid is reseeding and you will see an area that looks like pepples given that water works over all of them, sometimes it is shells, but if these are generally in bunches its a-dead a give away that it is fleas.

Fleas do spread out sometimes, but in many cases they move in groups.

The more expensive the the V the bigger the Flea

ImageThe Vee as everybody else covers is the liquid caught there antenna or feelers.

When there is alot of men and women walking you will not see all of them they'll hide, you desire a coastline with very little traffic.

They may be able feel you coming from the vibration in liquid.

What exactly i actually do is spot all of them and walk-on the sand up above them 20 foot away quietly and also as water goes back down I go done with it and scoop in which we saw them, this is certainly a lot better than walking upon all of them sideways, your aim and place is more precise from preceding and all sorts of you should do is walk down on them.
Center of pic shows beginning of Flea pod, the v inside picture isn't well-defined. is it possible to begin to see the pepples?
Flea Pod is center at browse agian the V is not simple to get in pics. This group seems like pepples within pic

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