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June 18, 2015
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Two trips every single day from
8 A.M. till Noon, and from 1 P.M. till 5.
The fare is $50.00 per person and $ 35.00 for the kids 12 and below, including all bait & tackle.

Reservations are very recommended. If you'd like to book a trip with us, unwind and have now a nice day out on liquid call us at

631- 668-5671
Kathy, (Capt. Mikes wife)

631 668 5671


Turn left at the seven tale building in downtown Montauk

Proceed about 3 miles toward very first end sign.

Go right ahead to Swallow Restaurant
at 474 western Lake drive-in Montauk.

The LAZYBONES is within front of the restaurant.

Image a young surfer guy wandering around a dock lined with charter ships. A grizzled old captain yells away, "Hey, kid, you need work?" That was how Captain Mike Vegessi got his begin in Montauk fishing in 1977. He had never ever already been fishing prior to and was drawn to Montauk the searching, maybe not the surf casting. The grizzled old captain had been Doug McCabe of "FRANCES ANNE", approaching the end of his profession as one of Montauk's offshore pioneers, and Mike will be their spouse for the following 36 months. Besides mastering the fishing business, Doug, who also owned a diesel parts business catering to the fishing boats in Montauk, taught Mike all he needed to learn about the upkeep of diesel-powered boats.

Doug retired in 1979, therefore the next year Mike visited work as a partner for another Montauk legend, Captain George McTurck, owner associated with "SPORTFISHER". While with George, Mike passed his captains test, and eventually overran the procedure of the motorboat on all offshore trips. George would still run the watercraft when it comes to inshore trips, therefore was from George that Mike would learn about Montauk's tides.

Other than well-experienced fishermen, few people recognize the complexities regarding the tidal system here in Montauk. You may be anchored using one place using outbound tide, while a mile away other people are anchored with the flood tide, and will be for another half hour roughly. The single most important factor in inshore fishing could be the tide, and Captain McTurck ended up being but still is the acknowledged master. But their protege, Mike Vegessi is an extremely close second.

Throughout the winters Mike works on one of many commercial ships fishing out of the harbor, a difficult racket. The weather is harsh, nevertheless the winter occurs when all of the money is made in commercial fishing. Overseas there are numerous seafood, therefore the prices are large. One-year however fish a dragger, for porgies, whiting or fluke. The second he would be on a longliner after tilefish or cod fish.

However, no body desires to stay a spouse permanently, so when Captain Bill Butler place the "CAPTAIN WILLIE" up for sale in 1985, Mike hopped onto it. The vessel, 50' lengthy and wooden ended up being operated as a party or open boat and already had a customer base. Whenever Mike took over, he changed the guidelines. Half-day only - flounders into the spring, accompanied by fluke in the summertime and bass and blues inside fall. The targeted audience had been people, fishing in relax safeguarded oceans. He renamed the boat "LAZYBONES", and did away with making the dock at daybreak.

In 1997, Mike retired the old LAZYBONES and purchased a fresh one, a 55' Bruno & Stillman, a fiberglass watercraft. and a large improvement on the the aging process original watercraft. Larger, roomier, and most of, perhaps not needing the actual quantity of maintenance requird of a wooden boat, the brand new LAZYBONES has actually proved to be a welcome inclusion to Montauk's available ship fleet.

It is currently one of the most preferred ships around, and is truly a family affair. Mike works it, while his wife Kathy is in charge of the income. She offers the passes and makes sure that the motels tend to be stocked up on their particular leaflets. It really is a beneficial system, one that keeps the ship cruising complete while bigger fancier ships are lucky to sail with twenty percent of the ability.

Montauk Fishing
Montauk Fishing
1985 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk Fishing boat for sale
1985 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk Fishing boat for sale ...
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