Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters

September 13, 2016

fishing fleetsMore vast as compared to oceans we sail, Hurricane Fleet provides consumers with many experiences to sail the waters expanding beyond the Grand Strand. For over 50 many years, we now have maintained the coastline of North and South Carolina with your fishing boats, using sports fishermen toward depths of the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. Within the heart of sc's seaside enclave, we focus on people who want a bit more right out of the beach scene and provide them the chance to board our Myrtle seashore charter fishing boats. You can expect four distinctly various fishing boats for sale which are ideal for short trips out to sea or even instantly fishing cruises. With a number of options available, Hurricane Fleet will make your fishing trip one that you are going to aim to encounter over and over!

Size doesn't matter in terms of your crew. Each Myrtle seashore charter fishing-boat is uniquely fitted to any team just who seeks setting sail along the sc coastline. For little groups who would like to enjoy an even more intimate time regarding the water, leave with "Party Time, " our 40ft long boat which includes quick speed and will hold-up to 6 passengers for a personal fishing experience.offshore deep-sea fishing vermont Thinking of incorporating a few more towards visitor record? Ideal! We encourage even more traveling the water whether for activities fishing or simply to simply appreciate the aesthetic backdrop for the sea. Our cruise liner, "Hurricane Fleet" stretches over 90feet and it is ideal for either fishing with 100 individuals or relishing the seas with 150 other individuals. Hosting fishing tournaments and a lot more, this fishing charter is roomy and available for a much larger team. Precisely prepared paired with experienced staff, our Myrtle Beach charter fishing boats for sale have now been recommended by folks near and far for one half a hundred years. Come understand why we are the best choice in Myrtle Beach fishing and trips over the Grand Strand!

sportfishing chartersHurricane Fleet offers four distinctly different fishing boats for sale. One of those is bound to completely suit the needs of your celebration.

Length: 90 legs
Width: 22 legs
Speed: 21 knots
Amount of Passengers:
Fishing - 100 men and women
Cruising - 150 individuals

Length: 77 feet
Width: 18.5 feet
Rate: 25 knots
Range Passengers:
Inshore Fishing - 86 people
Offshore Fishing - 60 folks
Overnight Fishing - 40 folks

Length: 45 foot
Width: 16 foot
Rate: 20 knots
Few Passengers:
Inshore Fishing - 30 people
Offshore Fishing - 25 folks
Sportfishing - 12 men and women

Length: 40 legs

Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter Boats (843) 907-0064 Charter
Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter Boats (843) 907-0064 Charter ...
Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter - Hurricane Fleet
Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter - Hurricane Fleet
Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach
Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach
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