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September 10, 2015
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  1. Figure out what variety of Ohio fishing license you'll need. There are lots of options available, based your residency as well as the length of time you intend to fish.
    • Get a citizen Fishing permit if you should be amongst the many years of 16 to 65, along with lived in Ohio for about half a year. It will cost you $19. If you are 66 yrs . old or older, along with lived-in Ohio for about 6 months, you are able to get a Senior citizen Fishing License for $10.
    • Buy a 1-Day Fishing License if you are preparing a fishing outing for one day. Residents and visitors pay money for this permit, and it will be used towards a yearly license if you decide to fish again.Image titled Get a Fishing License in Ohio Step 2 any person preparing a charter fishing trip on Lake Erie for 1 day can also get an license.
    • Get an Annual Nonresident permit if you should be maybe not a citizen of Ohio, however want to fish in the condition for a number of times over summer and winter. This may cost $40.
    • Get a 3-Day Nonresident permit in the event that you intend to do your fishing in Ohio simply during one travel, but you understand it will likely be for more than one day. This license is .
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    Image titled Get a Fishing permit in Ohio action 3 buy your Ohio fishing permit online. Any license can be bought on Ohio's Division of Wildlife protected website. You will need a credit or debit card to pay for the license, plus the capability to print your permit once you have taken care of it.

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    Obtain a 1-Day or a 3-Day permit by phone. You will need to spend a convenience cost in addition to the cost of the permit for this choice. The charge is $5.50 to talk to a live individual at 1-866-703-1928, or $3.50 to obtain the license through an automated solution at 1-855-764-3474. You are provided a license quantity, that you simply need to carry with you and your recognition. No imprinted license should be provided for the 1-Day or 3-Day licenses you will get by phone. You need to pay by credit or debit card.

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  • Don't forget to carry your fishing permit with you all of the time, along with your recognition.
  • If you should be under 16 years, or assisting someone who has a disability, you're not expected to have a fishing license. You're also exempt from licensing regulations if you are fishing in a private pond or by yourself land. People in the armed forces on leave or furlough may also be exempt from getting a license.
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