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August 15, 2015
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you may need a license to fish in Florida.You'll need a license to fish in Florida. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Photos )

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With inland waterways and simple ocean accessibility across the condition, Florida is a fisherman's haven. If you should be one of many travelers who head to Florida with hopes of landing a huge one, you will most probably require a fishing permit to help make your hopes and dreams be realized. The cost of a non-resident license will depend on for which you'll be fishing and just how long your fishing travel can last. You can purchase your permit before your journey by calling 888-347-4350 or go to a sporting goods shop at your destination to choose one up truth be told there.

Freshwater License Charges

Out-of-state fishermen can purchase an annual freshwater fishing pass - legitimate for example 12 months - for $47. A three-day fishing pass are priced at $17, and a seven-day fishing pass cost $30, as of the date of publication. Freshwater fishing licenses are required for fishing in many inland waterways.

Saltwater License Fees

If you are fishing in saltwater, you'll need a saltwater fishing license. Prices for saltwater permits are identical as charges for freshwater permits: As of the date of book, an annual saltwater fishing permit cost $47, a seven-day permit, $30, and a three-day permit, $17. If you are planning to capture and hold specific seafood, you may need an extra license, good-for 12 months, to go with your license. A snook permit are priced at $10, a lobster permit, $5, and a tarpon tag, $51.50.

Lost License Charges

Whether you're a resident of Florida or a customer, you will need to buy an upgraded if you shed your fishing permit. As of the day of book, changing a lost fishing permit cost $2. In the event that you buy an alternative permit over the phone or on line, you'll get an authorization number you can use as evidence of your license until your brand-new report content comes.

Fee Exclusions

You are going to usually want to buy a permit to fish in Florida, just a few situations could exempt you from that requirement. In case the spouse features a Florida homestead for which you fish, you do not need a permit as long as you remain on that property. If you're fishing on exclusive home because of the owner's authorization in a pond that is 20 miles or smaller, you don't need a license. In north Florida, you are able to fish regarding the St. Mary's River or Lake Seminole with a Georgia fishing license. Florida celebrates Free Fishing Weekend through the first weekend in April, while have no need for a license to fish during that time.

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