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July 11, 2016
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QuadRodzMadera Marine is proud to present their particular complex fly fishing rod carrier/holder and storage space systems. Several years of production and item design knowledge along with many years of fishing competitive Kingfish tournaments generated the determination. They developed an item design that would enable anglers every-where to obtain their particular equipment transported without struggling and without damaging it. Therefore, the QuadRodz® rod & reel holder, provider, transportation and storage system was born. Not long once, the TriRodz® and BiRodz® came along in addition to remainder is record.

Whether you're a competitive tournament fisherman yourself or perhaps the average leisure fisherman who’s just sick and tired of the inconvenient methods now available, attempt one of our quick yet innovative Rodz services and products these days!

Picking the appropriate size rod carrier
Combined with three kinds of carriers (QuadRodz®, TriRodz®, BiRodz®), there are TWO dimensions readily available for each. Both sizes tend to be S/M (small/medium) and M/L (medium/large).

TriRodzThe proper size is decided by the biggest diameter of this pole blank. Normally just above the rod hold.

The principles for selecting the proper size are as follows:

  • S/M (small/medium) accommodates smaller inshore, backwater and freshwater rods. (Bass rods, small whirling rods, fly rods, jigging rods, small bait casting rods)
  • S/M rods that have a rod empty diameters of .625” (16mm) and smaller
  • M/L (medium/large) accommodates primarily bigger offshore rods plus some larger freshwater rods. (base fishing, trolling, big spinning rods, live bait rods many larger freshwater rods)
  • M/L rods which have a pole blank diameters of .625” (16mm) and bigger
  • QuadRodz® 4 Rod Transporter

    • Holds 4 rods securely
    • 2 sizes available (S/M and M/L) (the following)
    • Long-lasting Velcro straps

    The initial 4 pole holder, service, transportation and storage space system makes it possible to get your important equipment from place to spot without damaging something.

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    TriRodz® 3 Rod Transporter

    • Holds 3 rods securely
    • 2 sizes offered (S/M and M/L) (given just below)
    • Lasting Velcro straps

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    BiRodz® 2 Rod Transporter

    • Holds 2 rods securely
    • 2 dimensions offered (S/M and M/L) (given below)
    • Long-lasting Velcro straps

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