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February 21, 2015
Panfish on Ice

“The issue with cycling lures is that they need a feel for what needs to be done to make them come to life. I’m not stating that spoons don’t take skill to fish effortlessly. But it’s less difficult to drop a spoon down, reel it up slightly, dancing it around, and catch an intermittent walleye, especially in water brimming with fish. Swimming lures, on the other hand, just take rehearse. Nevertheless the effort’s worthwhile when you get it right.”

While fishermen are still debating what spoons copy, there’s small question that swimming lures are made to portray genuine baitfish. “The fundamental jigging motion is the same as with flash lures—lift-fall-hold, lift-fall-hold, ” in accordance with Stange. “Then it's the addition of jiggles in the cadence, and changes in the cadence, and changes in level in accordance with the level the walleye is available in at, that matters.

“The key to fishing with swimming baits is sonar, ” Stange describes. “First you learn to work the appeal in liquid shallow adequate to observe how the lure responds to specific jigging maneuvers. After that, while you're watching sonar, note exactly how seafood answer the way you’re working the lure. Effective utilization of the bait calls for reading fish reaction and making proper decisions in what to do with the swimming lure to trigger hits. It’s a video clip arcade on ice.

“One of the most extremely interesting things I’ve seen over time is simply how much walleyes always move up to give, ” Stange says. “Forage like perch hunker regarding the bottom starting at twilight because they don’t see well in the evening. That’s whenever walleyes move up on a bar in free schools and move gradually along like a bunch of pheasant hunters walking a stubble field, looking to flush pheasants. Just the walleyes tend to be flushing perch that scoot up from the bottom and hold in a disoriented state for a second. Walleyes usually snap the perch before they hunker back down regarding the base.

“Anglers generally spend a lot of time fishing right near base. A lot of the larger seafood we get tend to be a foot to five legs over the base. But having fish come through higher isn’t unusual, especially in lakes with suspended baitfish like ciscoes. Suspended seafood won’t appear in to a bait jigged regarding bottom. Many fishermen haven’t invested the time jigging up off the bottom to ­realize what number of seafood they’re missing.”

Stange is at the top of using the newly introduced Nils Master Jigging Shad even though many anglers hesitate to utilize something that seems too big or fat. But the Jigging Shad steps just 21⁄2 inches—the exact same length while the method minnows many anglers suspend below floats, or utilize on tip-ups, or on jigs.

“The introduction for the Jigging Shad is important because now we have two distinct profiles for swimming baits. After all, these baits should look like something real. Baits like # 7 Jigging Rapala in addition to # 2 and no. 3 Nils Master Jigger represent thinner ­minnow-shaped or smelt-shaped forage. The Jigging Shad presents a wider-­profile bait like shad; ciscoes; alewives; and panfish like perch, bluegills, and crappies—the predominant baitfish in many bodies of water.”

Stange in addition advocates changing swimming lures with the addition of advanced treble hooks. Many businesses make hooks that improve performance, among Stange’s favorites may be the Mustad Triple Grip (#36243BR, #8). The Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp(#754, #8) is another great option. Although Stange usually does not sweeten his cycling lures with a minnow mind, numerous anglers nevertheless would like to hang a head regarding treble hook to add scent and style.

Flash Lures & Blades
Walleyes are an interesting fish that reacts to flash and vibration, making flash lures the most popular appeal design on ice. Throughout the ice gear, right spoons like the Bay de Noc Swedish Pimple plus the Acme Kastmaster have now been utilized for above 40 many years. Newer introductions like Northland Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon, Bait Rigs Deep Willospoon, and Anglers Edge Agitator show flat profiles with great flash and vibration.

Bent lures just like the Bay de Noc Do Jigger, Acme Sidewinder, and Ivan’s Smasher offer even more distinct vibration and flash—good for phoning in fish. Super-action spoons tend to be a subcategory of bent spoon family members, creating more vibration and falling with a fast back-and-forth wobble, creating many flash.

From time to time, for reasons not known, walleyes apparently prefer the size, color, flash, and fall price of certain spoon designs. As we’ve said, bent and super-action lures show more vibration and flash; right lures provide a far more subtle action. Some days, even more flash and vibration is good; various other days, refined is way better. Fishing success frequently is matter of identifying which group seafood prefer that day, or during various durations of just about every day.

Kerry Konald, a searching and fishing guide from Mobridge, South Dakota (605/649-6363), focuses their ice fishing on Lake Oahe Reservoir. “On reservoirs, major drop-offs usually hold walleyes all winter, ” he says. “­Electronics assist anglers much better know very well what continues below the ice. We’re in addition getting more suspended seafood, ” Konald states. “When I see seafood or baitfish undertake at 5 to 9 legs from the bottom or just underneath the ice, we reel up my appeal to this level.”

“The most well known lures here you will find the classics—Kastmasters, Swedish Pimples, Bay de Noc Do-Jiggers, and Jig-A-Whopper Rocker Minnows. Let you know a key, though, my most regularly effective lure may be the Reef Runner Cicada, a bladebait that simply featuresn’t caught on as an ice lure for walleyes. Big mistake. It directs aside tremendous vibrations that attract and trigger lots of walleyes.

“I work the lure aggressively, pumping it up about 2 feet and slow-falling it back down. We usually accomplish that three or four times before holding still. I might include a couple twitches every so often. You Should Not hold for longer than about 20 moments before jigging once more.”

As we’ve talked about, super-action flash lures just like the Acme Little Cleo and Thunderbolt, Blue Fox Tingler, and Bay de Noc Do-Jigger also entice and trigger with a lot of vibration and flash. The important thing whenever seafood tend to be ­active—particularly when they’re greatly schooled—is picking a lure it is possible to feel vibrate when jigged (or ripped ascending) and that does not foul regarding the autumn. Konald, however, suggests that their intense Cicada jigging technique doesn’t simply trigger energetic fish, but additionally entices basic or negative seafood to bite.

“If fish tend to be sedentary, I realize that hostile strategies frequently trigger hits, the opposite of just what most anglers believe, ” Konald states. “i love heavy-­vibrating lures better whenever seafood appear negative. The extreme vibration often triggers an answer.”

Konald changes factory “double hooks” on his Cicadas with split rings and trebles. For 1/4- to 3/8-ounce lures he makes use of short-shank #6 and #8 trebles and guidelines the rear treble with a minnow-head.

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