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November 4, 2016
#3 Ice Fishing Lure China

waterbug baitMystery Tackle package is excited to announce Ice Fishing Boxes are actually offered! During the winter months (November to March) Mystery Tackle package is providing up ice fishing bait alternatives for our members. The Ice Fishing container is actually for those dedicated anglers devoted that won’t let the (literally) freezing temperatures stop them from being from the water fishing.

How Do I Change To The Ice Fishing Package?

To improve your field kind, just log to your account and change your box preferences! You have the solution to find the ice fishing box for just about any or all the cold-weather months of November through March.

fish fry minnow pitfallExactly what are the Targeted Species?

You will probably see baits targeted at fishing for panfish, crappie, trout, walleye, pike, trout, etc.

Exactly What Can I Expect You'll Maintain It?

You will see baits from top brands created simply for plucking fish from a frozen pond. Below are a few that people have featured previously:

Lunkerhunt Waterbug: Creature like hands, end, and a long abdomen make the Waterbug the right bait for panfish.

Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap: having its skinny edges it flutters on fall accented with a noisy, unique BB rattle system.

Northland Tackle Live-Forage Fish-Fry Minnow Jig: it really is hand sculpted, and molded from lightweight steel to deliver a sluggish crippled baitfish activity whenever jigged, dragged or dropped on the free autumn.

Celsius Pike tip-up Rig: Land those toothy critters using this an easy task to put up live bait rig!

How Can I Choose The Ice Fishing Box?

Once you sign up to any plan you will be able to choose your package type when you discover. If you are offering a gift membership the present individual should be able to find the package kind if they redeem their particular gift.

My Ice fishing tackle
My Ice fishing tackle
Ice Fishing Mystery Tackle Box
Ice Fishing Mystery Tackle Box
Ice Fishing Tackle Box
Ice Fishing Tackle Box
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