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April 2, 2016
Ice Fishing Monster Brown

duckFred Christensen was ice fishing in Pennsylvania, but alternatively of a fish, Christensen pulled out a bird. (YouTube/Nicholas Colangelo)

I am talking about, this might come as a large surprise for your requirements, but i've never ever been ice fishing in Pennsylvania. “Honestly, ” I was thinking to myself, “how shocking could it be?

Hmm, okay, well, let’s just take an appearance. This Indicates li—



“My jaw hit the ice, ” stated Nicholas Colangelo, who filmed this video, which will show their fishing friend Fred — and Fred’s brand new bird buddy — on Monday. “I happened to be absolutely shocked.”

He’s never ever observed anything such as this before, though he has got seen this particular bird diving inside water for longer stretches period.

“I’ve never heard about something such as this occurring, ” Colangelo told The Washington Post. “It was so unusual. Therefore, to see this, in all honesty, I was speechless.”

It's important to observe that the movie comes to an end with all the launch of the bird, which skids down toward water. Colangelo said the bird arrived on the scene with this good — it absolutely was minimally tangled in range making a clean escape returning to its flock.

“I would only sincerely want to state the environment, the seafood, the birds — that is what’s high priority, ” he stated. “We don’t hold anything, we don’t eliminate any such thing.”

That is great, as this bird — truly, without a doubt — has recently had absolutely the worst wintertime, so that it deserves to be okay and delighted and cozy now. Its winter months features practically definitely already been worse than your cold temperatures, and worse than my own, and I also am typing this as Washington is bracing for another snowfall time.

Anyhow. Don’t stress, small man. Spring are going to be right here someday.

Improve: The movie caption initially misidentified Colangelo given that one who pulled up the bird. Credit for that visits his buddy, Fred Christensen. Colangelo shot the video.

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