Green River Fishing

August 3, 2015
Jim with a Kokanee on the
  • Conditions: Fishing is good with streamer/nymph truck combos. Some fishermen are making use of terrestrial patterns like ants, crickets and hoppers with a scud or shrimp trailer. The fish tend to be mainly taking the trailer, therefore the terrestrial is acting as an attractant and hit indicator. For nymphs and streamers, go deep along circulation seams and across the shorelines. Try sculpin, rainbow or brown imitations accompanied by scuds, zebra midges, smooth hackles or San Juan worms. Set the hook with any improvement in the attack indicator. Spin fishing is practically constantly great. Marabou or locks jigs (Zig Jigs) in earthtone colors are always a good choice in shallow or deeper water. Take to crankbaits like Rapala Husky Jerks or Xraps in deeper water. Several kinds of spoons and spinners also entice seafood. Home elevators flows is available on the web.
  • Details

    • Area: Daggett County
    • Directions: Drive 45 miles north of Vernal on US-191
    • Type: Blue-ribbon
    • Size: 800 to 8, 000 cfs
    • Elevation: 5, 600 feet
    • Hours: No limitations
    • Probably get: Brown Trout, Mountain Whitefish, Rainbow Trout
    • Possible catch: Typical Carp, Cutthroat Trout
    • Laws: To see what statewide or special laws apply to this waterbody, kindly browse the present Fishing Guidebook.
    • Website amenities: you can find restrooms at Tailrace, Dripping Springs and Little Hole; vessel ramps at Tailrace, Little Hole, Indian Crossing, Bridge Hollow, Swallow Canyon; and a path over the lake from the dam to minimal Hole
    • Handicap accessibility: available areas at the dam and minimal Hole
    • Site information: The Green River area from Flaming Gorge dam to Colorado edge is split up into three sections. Area A is through the dam to Little Hole. Section B is from Little Hole to Indian Crossing in Browns Park. Part C is from Indian Crossing towards the Colorado/Utah border.

      Section A is large gradient, B modest and C is sluggish. Highest fish densities in part A, 2nd greatest in B, lowest in C. Many fishing pressure is within area A, after that B and least expensive in C. usage of B and C is restricted to motorboat and gravel roadway.

      Brand new Zealand mudsnails have now been recorded in many areas of the river. Kindly thoroughly clean mud and plant life from waders, boats and fishing gear. When possible, entirely dried out gear before leaving the location. A hot water-bath (120� F) will eliminate mudsnails, and spraying equipment with 409 or an equivalent detergent solution before drying out increases effectiveness.

    Trout Fishing on the Green River - Walter
    Trout Fishing on the Green River - Walter
    Winter fly fishing on the Green River
    Winter fly fishing on the Green River
    musky fishing green river part 1
    musky fishing green river part 1
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