Trout season UK

August 16, 2016

Here is a photo of just one associated with the very early period trout taken on a Grannom Sedge fly…and a pleased viewing angler fishing the River Test the very first time. TightlinesOur excellent fly fishing guide Colin Alexander states: ‘It is definitely a gamble reservation well in advance a trout fishing time in April where we are all susceptible to the current weather. On the lower area of the River Test, around Romsey, … …there are tributary channels streaming in to the main river so there is always a risk of some colouring if the rainfall is within anyway sustained. However, once the levels together with circumstances are good there might be some really good early sport on music that open prior to the majority which hold back until 1st might to open up.

Over wintered fish can be in excellent condition and a sustained hatch of flies will invariably lure them into increasing and giving away their particular precise location when you look at the lake. Whenever trout tend to be feeding subsurface in quick liquid they could be tough to see so one technique is always to wait patiently until seeing a certain rise after which cast to it. This could be irritating for fly fishermen whom gain half their pleasure within casting but repeated casting may draw a fish up ‘blind’ but equally it would likely you should be enough to place the trout down increasing whatsoever. There's no miracle answer but possibly try both approaches and see which reaps the benefits.

Yesterday (14th April) I guided a skilled angler and a novice fly angler on lake. If the Grannom Sedge hatch emerged in the exact middle of the day the trout ultimately reacted into the naturals and offered away their particular roles. Selected casts then guaranteed some recreation toward dry fly and now we all know there's no better method to catch the excitement of simply take.

Tactics for early season trout A tale of 2 rivers!
Tactics for early season trout A tale of 2 rivers!
Hooked UK : Early Season Trout with Greig Thomson & Andy
Hooked UK : Early Season Trout with Greig Thomson & Andy ...
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