Ice Fishing Colorado

December 28, 2015
Blue Mesa Kokanee salmon ice

Brian Marsh poses with a brown trout.With these cozy autumn times ongoing really into early winter, it's challenging contemplate drilling holes through frozen ponds, never as through ice over 30 ins thick at a few of our high-elevation reservoirs. What's promising, but is ice fishing season is simply just about to happen. Even though many associated with the larger Front Range reservoirs will always be weeks away from getting an excellent top, a number of the mountain lakes are beginning to develop fishable ice. If you’re irritation like me to go ice fishing, there are some things you can do today to organize for an effective hard-water fishing season. Read more

Blue Mesa Reservoir – The pile of yellowish perch facing Cally Westcoat expanded larger throughout the day. Although she and her fishing companion Colt Emich saw periods of sluggish activity, there have been occasions when she couldn't get her lure into base before another perch was on the line. When the catch ended up being tallied at the conclusion of the day, Cally, Colt and Dan Emich had paid down the perch population by 72. Find out more

Odd thing … the power that seafood averaging only 8-inches very long have over humans. Yet, despite their dimensions, yellow perch have actually an after of devotees in Colorado, especially among ice fishers, where the devotion can approach the cult degree.

Perch loyalists are generally thin in their focus, thinking about witnessing simply perch coming through ice. Trout caught incidentally are fun to relax and play and release but are otherwise considered a nuisance, a diversion through the mission, that is placing as many perch on ice as you possibly can. Find out more

Ice could be the great equalizer. The frozen area of a pond is an available court, a level playing field that allows otherwise shore-bound fishermen to look into a lake’s sweet places, which were available just by-boat in available water. Anglers that waited on the sidelines the playing area to solidify, today march into the game waving ice augers, dragging sleds and toting synthetic buckets bristling with short fishing rods. Read more

Colorado Fishing Atlas.Every frequently something comes along that certainly enhances your outside knowledge. An item providing the perfect mixture of technology, development and useful information you question the manner in which you ever before handled without one. For anglers, the Colorado Fishing Atlas is exactly this sort of item.

Earlier in the day in 2010, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s GIS division developed the Colorado Fishing Atlas, a user-friendly and interactive on the web mapping system providing you with fishermen with the ultimate where-to resource for a large number of fishing places throughout the condition. Since its first this spring, the Atlas has received rave reviews from fishermen and CPW staff alike. Read more

Lake trout, aka Mackinaw or “Macks, ” provide anglers with some of the greatest ice-fishing action that Colorado provides. Each winter, ice fishers flock to mountain reservoirs which can be teeming with lake trout, particularly Lake Granby, where the lake trout populace is projected at 100, 000.

Finding a spot to ice catch trout is not difficult, no matter where you live in Colorado. From the hills on foothills, nearly all general public reservoirs and ponds on both sides of Continental Divide are available to ice fishing.

Some of the much more popular destinations range from the mountain playground reservoirs, where the trout grow large and ice fishing starts earlier than at lower elevations. Ice fishing could get underway up right here by mid-December. However, in some years, reservoirs and ponds may ice over later on than typical, depending on the weather. For all about ice-safety, check out

ice fishing colorado antero lake 1-30-2011
ice fishing colorado antero lake 1-30-2011
Colorado Ice fishing for 36" pike
Colorado Ice fishing for 36" pike
Colorado Ice Fishing 2014
Colorado Ice Fishing 2014
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