Clearwater Fishing Charters

October 10, 2015
Clearwater Redfish
Book your charter with a 4th generation neighborhood captain.

Just see below for instructions on the best way to book.

Inshore Fishing Trips (Bays, Rivers, & Flats):

Half Day (4 hrs) = 400.00 for 1-2 clients

3/4 time (6 hrs) = 600.00 for 1-2 clients

Complete time (8 hrs) = 800.00 for 1-2 consumers

The third-sixth consumers tend to be 50.00 per person.

Ask about our nigh time shark or snook recommendations, our business team trips, or a checking out a barrier island during charter.

Gulf of Mexico fishing for White Grunts is all year round;

Half Day (5 hours) = 500.00 for 1-2 customers

3/4 time (7 hours) = 700.00 for 1-2 consumers

Complete Day (9 hrs) =900.00 for 1-2 consumers

If you undertake to keep seafood some recreation fish, we shall clean all of them available at no extra cost. (On inshore or nearshore trips when a cooler of seafood is caught, then seafood cleaning is $50.00 per cooler).

Tarpon Charters (May-July Making From St.Pete or Boca Grande):

6 Hours @ $600.00 for 1-2 men and women

8 Hours @ $800.00 for 1-2 people

10 Hours @ $1000.00 for 1-2 men and women

The 3rd-6th persons are 50.00 each.

On the 8 or 10 time tarpon charter you may possibly request for eating lunch at regional restaurant regarding the liquid.


  • We accept Money, Checks, & Charge Cards.
  • Reservations may be made by supplying credit cards quantity during scheduling (we cannot charge your card during those times) or by mailing a check within 1 week of talking to united states. All payments were created after your charter.
  • If you reserved by bank card and choose to cover by credit card after your charter, be sure to make sure to have your credit card with you. We plan repayment through a swiper on our smart phone.
  • If spending by cash or check up on the day of your trip, credit cards number remains necessary to reserve the charter.
  • Consumer cancellations in 24 hours or less of planned journey time tend to be non-refundable when prepaid by money or check, as soon as reserved by a credit card.
  • Client cancellations within 1 week of scheduled trip time tend to be 50percent non-refundable when prepaid by money or check, so when set aside by a credit card.
  • All rates are based on reserving the boat for one selection of clients. You'll not share the boat with other clients outside of yours celebration.
  • Tipping is customary @ 15-20% of this charter rate. Quoted prices cannot range from the tip.
  • Present Certificates are available.

Clearwater Fishing Charters is a complete time procedure. Part-time captains with cut rate rates often don't mirror the dedication to excellence we espouse on our trips. In terms of fishing the old stating is true, “You get everything you buy.” Likewise, we usually do not offer “No fish, No Pay” gimmicks. Specific fish are easily grabbed and then we wouldn't normally disservice our valued consumers with these types of techniques. Our company is right here to provide you with a high notch high quality knowledge.

Just How To Plan Your Travel:

  1. Be sure you have actually sunshine display and other sunlight protection.
  2. Make certain you are clothed fro the appropriate time of year.
  3. Bring your very own meals and products (alcoholic beverages is allowed). We provide a cooler with ice.
  4. We offer all necessary fishing gear and licences.

Our Fishing Methods:

King & Spanish Mackerel

Our two main techniques for these seafood tend to be slow trolling real time baits and greatly chumming over bottom construction. Today of fishing begins with the hunt for sardines or hearing. They generally are captured easily by a cast net and other times it will take a couple of hours. Patience should be used into the bait getting procedure. Once the bait is caught. It is the right time to leave towards the nearshore reefs and live tough bottom.

For mackerel, we try to find big pods of bait and diving birds. Slow trolling starts by placing two lines out, then putting the rods in holders and driving around 3 knots or less over live bottom. Once the mackerel strikes there isn't any mistaking it. Your line starts peling away the reel and also the battle starts. It is not unusual to capture a King mackerel as high as 40 pounds.

Sometimes it is more straightforward to anchor and chum the mackerel around the rear of the watercraft. Your captain will find the good thing for the reef and develop their anchor course. Following the hook (anchor) is placed into the bottom it is the right time to start fishing. Often the mackerel may be site cast to. Spanish mackerel are thought a meat seafood, which, you are able to fill your coolers up with all of them.

Grunts & Grouper

Grunt the truly amazing reasons for the grunts is the fact that they are easy to get and are plentiful. Grunts tend to be caught on slice squid. Your captain will see the best bottom by keeping track of the fish finder. After that, he will anchor the ship together with the structure. The fishing lines tend to be dropped on bottom.


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