Eskimo Ice Fishing

August 23, 2015
Eskimo Ice Fishing Chair

If you’re an ice angler whom loves to try multiple places on the ice, Eskimo provides a variety of flip-style shelters for you. Flip shelters are made for simple setups and takedowns with every thing integrated into a sled base, to help you easily move to where in fact the seafood are biting. An easy task to flip up, Eskimo flip shelters can be used as a windbreak on bright days. Extra functions feature IceTight textile, YKK zippers, and large mesh storage pouches.

Thread Weight / Thread Count

The blend of bond fat and bond matter should determine your fabric performance. Eskimo IceTight material functions a 59per cent higher bond count than competitor shelters, causing a much tighter weave. IceTight is coated is completely wind and waterproof, and is general 19% less heavy than competitor shelter skins.

IQ™ Insulated Quilted Fabric

Insulated textile provides warmth as part of your protection to help you fish even on harshest of days. IQ Insulated Quilted Fabric contains two layers of IceTight textile that sandwich together a layer of insulation material, offering superior defense against perhaps the coldest conditions.

YKK® Zippers

Eskimo is committed to quality, which’s the reason why YKK® zippers come standard on all Eskimo ice shelters. Zippers can be problematic, performing really within the shop, but freezing and breaking from the ice. YKK® zippers tend to be business leading, tough and reliable—just like an Eskimo ice protection.

Ice Anchors

Eskimo ice anchors tend to be well known with their ease of use and tight-holding grip. Huge mitten hold handles enable you to secure your shelter without needless experience of the current weather, that durable steel-constructed anchors are self-tapping, easily screwing in to the ice yourself due to their razor-sharp point.

Ice Fishing Gear Value Pack Jet Sled JS1, Eskimo Auger, 5
Ice Fishing Gear Value Pack Jet Sled JS1, Eskimo Auger, 5 ...
Eskimo Ice Fishing Tent Assembly and Set up
Eskimo Ice Fishing Tent Assembly and Set up
Fun Patient Eskimo Ice fishing
Fun Patient Eskimo Ice fishing
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